The Preferred Staffing Agency in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Job Seeker FAQs

Is working for a staffing agency right for me?

Cape Fear Staffing has many positions available that may be perfect for your skills and career goals. One of the main advantages in working with Cape Fear Staffing is the fact that our staffing specialists take the time to get to know you. All of our employees get a personal, one-on-one interview during which we review your skills and goals in order to match you with the right job.

Is there a fee for finding me a job?

Our services are FREE to you, the job seeker. The companies we partner with pay for the services.

What kind of jobs are available through Cape Fear Staffing?

We are currently recruiting for general labor, warehouse, clerical, assembly, construction, cashiers, customer service, indoor/outdoor maintenance, inventory, lawn care/landscaping, manufacturing, nurses, loaders/unloaders, administrative, cafeteria substitutes, bookkeepers, and much more!

How long do the assignments last?

The length of each assignment varies based on the needs of our clients. Jobs can range from daily to part-time to long term … just tell us what you’re looking for!

How often will I be paid?

Our employees are paid weekly upon approval of hours worked from the client company. You have the option of receiving a regular paycheck or having your pay directly deposited into your bank account.

Does Cape Fear Staffing offer training?

We place employees in a wide variety of challenging positions and generally expect applicants to already possess the required job skills. Any specialized “on-the-job” training will be provided by the client company.

How do I get started with Cape Fear Staffing?

Apply online at        After the application is complete, contact our staff during business hours at 910-323-2949 to schedule a face-to-face interview at one of our Open houses.

What about safety on the job?

CFS only works with client companies that are serious about each employee’s safety. Our orientation program includes both job specific safety concerns and general safety rules. Please note that mandatory drug testing is done immediately following any report of a workplace injury.